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IF YOU need Help this is where you can help yourself whilst helping others ENTIRELY FREE!

IF you have fallen foul of the Families Courts - The Courts - The SS - Authorities of The Overbearing State in the matter of YOUR Children - then this is for YOU.

The Concept WILL Grow - there are 100s if not 1,000s of people out there who are being abused and betrayed by The System.

BIG BROTHER is getting ever Bigger and more of a Bully.

The Target Systems have proved a catastrophy for family after family.

It is not just the failures resulting in the death of Baby Peter and other children who have suffered - that hits the press.

What about the families whose lives are terribly damaged, if not destroyed, by what seems to be over zealous authorities - having a child forcibly removed, on what are seen to be false grounds, or unfairly by a bunch of men in dresses and wigs with a language all of their own patronisingly and seemingly arbitrarily wrenching children from their loving and caring homes and it is all done behind closed doors - all too often by what seems a process designed to ruin families.

If you feel cheated by this overbearing, over complicated and over intimidating costly scheme designed seemingly to make money and empire build for 'jobs worths' and 'busy bodies'.

You are in the right place!

I hope we can give YOU a platform to restore your family or save your family.


1. Go to or just CLICK HERE

2. set up a blog for yourself.

3. Name your Blog
adding after the http://
the name

THEN after the hyphen YOUR CHOICE of name maybe:

stolenkids-mary or stolenkids-teddy or stolenkids-bristol

I've called this guideline blog stolenkids-bloggers

so the whole address of this blog is:

you can do the address in big letters (capitals) or small letters (lower case) it doesn't matter.

YOU may be under an injunction not to name your children or yourself IF you decide to break that injunction THAT IS YOUR RESPONSIBILITY - it is YOUR blog for which YOU are responsible. The same is true of pictures.

4. IF you were the first to register the name (that is the bit after stolenkids-) then you can move on to design/choose your blog.

5. May I suggest that you choose the design Rounders 3 from the style choices and then we will ALL look alike and the movement will carry more weight and be taken more seriously.

6. Once you start Blogging on your own StolenKids-???? blog I suggest that you register as a friend of this blog in the right hand column. You can then click on other 'friends' and go and see their blogs where you may get ideas that help you or have ways to help them.

I will try to work out a way to index or at least list the blogs that join - so do tell your friends not JUST your blog address and name but also this one where they can help build the network.

7. The idea is so that you can help others by listing YOUR experiences and maybe others will then be able to give you tips and help.

8. Please be kind to eachother - most of the people here have been abused by the system - some may feel they have been abused but can not convince.
Please no obscenities or offensive language - the system is quite offensive enough.

9. I will try to set up a forum once we are underway.

A. I started my first Blog late last December and I'm still learning but I am NO computer wizz - (MeTechNoCrass!!)

B. BEWARE YOU are responsible for the content of YOUR Blog.

Do NOT put anything on your Blog that you may regret anyone else reading.

Do NOT be tempted to libel anyone.

Do Be Carefull this is the sort of venue that may well be 'trolled' either by cranks or perverts.

Do not arrange to meet ANYONE without establishing EXACTLY who they are and informing two other people that you intend to meet them and where, ideally take someone with you!

Good Luck & I hope this helps you.

PLEASE put the address of this Blog on YOUR Blog to help others.

Use the Comments Section and we will eventually manage to build a Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ) section.

So that you can decide for yourself - here is the address on the internet of all my contact data and a list of my other blogs: or just CLICK HERE
I am deliberately not hidden from view as YOU may feel insecure and want to know how all this came about.

I note that there are SEVERAL blogs already:
& **

** Please note that The Franklins of Plymouth have been forced to close their StolenKids-Franklin blog by Plymouth Authorities who wish to continue to seize and offer their children for forced adoption in secret regardless of the fact that they have totally failed to show a single instance of harm EVER experienced at the hands of the parents. I have read much of the paperwork and know this couple quite well and I believe the Injunction served on me and others is self serving by the Authority and most clearly not in the well being of the children.

Interestingly the Injunction informed me of each of the six children's names, which I did not know until receipt of the paperwork which the Authority has put into the public domain! It seems clear whose interests are being served by this action!

Let me know what you call your Blog and I'll add it in.
Once again - Good Luck and I hope this helps YOU & YOURS.

YOU are responsible for YOUR Blog.

Greg L-W.

'Open the curtains, throw open the windows and permit the light of investigation and fresh air into family courts and sexual, emotional and physical abuse of the vulnerable - expose the abuse & the abuse of authority of those acting in OUR name!
No child asked to be or enjoys abuse,
it is for the gratification of the inadequate'.
To understand the Concept & Services of
Stolen????- where you can help yourself and others:

StolenKids- 4 Those losing kids due to 'authorities' ie Forced Adoption & Care!
Or perhaps more suited to YOUR needs:
StolenChildhood- 4 those facing abuse past or present sexual or other!
StolenTrust- 4 those where or have suffered abuse within a relationship!
StolenOyster- 4 those who have been abused or raped by a stranger or stalker
To See The Links Page
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  1. Great idea and I hope it is a success. I have put you on my Blog list and e-mailed friends and collegues to make them aware.

    Good luck.


  2. Thanks we need all the help we can get in these early stages.

    We have managed to get 4 stories up and running from a standing start last Saturday!
    However we need more cases to set up their own blogs to get the serious traction we need to provide maximum help.

    We must not let it go stale in this early stage so if you can get others to set up their own StolenKids- blog it would be appreciated.

    Greg L-W.

  3. In 2005 I narrowly escaped having my own daughter taken into care by the State. Good luck with this mission.

  4. Hi,

    Ben your story would possibly help others and if you open a StolenKids- blog you can anonymise to suit YOUR needs.

    Thanks for your support.

    Greg L-W.

  5. Greg,

    Is this specific to a given geographical area.

    We in Israel desperately need backing internationally.

    See my Blog: Doreen Dotan's Archive and my channel of YouTube in the name of SilverRedIndigo.

    Doreen Ellen Bell-Dotan, Tzfat, Israel

  6. Just a suggestion make it global ,let them know you mean business, tag adoption as I read so many adoption blogs .People are more vocal and the bloggers world is open to debate now about forced adoption .Give you a tip stay away from septic gay adoption blogs: THE DADDIE DIARIES ......

  7. re: Doreen Ellen Bell-Dotan, Tzfat, Israel

    I have tried to help if you look in the blog at:

    Good luck.
    Greg L-W.

  8. lynda


    I think I've answered most of your question at:

    I hope this helps. You will note I I comment on 'natural' families - I have no interest in the promotion of families perverse to the norm in ANY terms clearly not in terms of forced adoptions.

    I believe the site will naturally extend to both victims of abuse, (as with Hollie's story) and victims of more subtle abuses such as having BEEN seized for adoption etc.

    Remember that the basic structure is that each separate blog is the owners property.

    Clearly all encouraged to use moderate family language and be minded of the concept of do as you might be done by! The more acceptable a blog is the more people will wish to link with it!

    Your help in promotion of the site will be most welcome.

    Greg L-W.

    had this one on there for a while and started collecting signatures but people just signed with names of pedophiles and think this is funny...
    Cruelness is what we get after all this hurt.

  10. Hi,
    Well done for trying - you know the story but having read all the 'stuff' on your blog I don't!!!
    Have a look at:
    & see if that can help you.
    The more people on the StolenKids- blogs the more links and the more traction giving more 'clout'.

    Surely a petition of this type cuts no ice - requires at least accurate initials and house number + Post Code - to have any validity.

    One idea MIGHT be worth following up would be the names of those convicted of abuse with link to court record or MSM report - without it MUST be removed!

    I hope we can help.

    Greg L-W.

  11. I made a blog:

    How can it be connected to this site? How can we get together and help?

  12. <-mine - I'm going to blow the secret family court system out of the water, what can they do to me they haven't already done?

  13. badbigbrother I have read your blog but US law is beyond my knowledge. I hope you get some help by posting here.

    I've linked adding USA to your name to attract specific help.

    Good Luck.
    Greg L-W

  14. The Lost Packet Hi,
    I have read your blog with interest at:
    I have linked it and hope you get the feedback you deserve.
    Do try to keep us all informed.
    Good Luck.

    Greg L-W.