Wednesday, 29 July 2009


Doreen Ellen Bell-Dotan, Tzfat said...
Greg,Is this specific to a given geographical area.We in Israel desperately need backing internationally.See my Blog: Doreen Dotan's Archive and my channel of YouTube in the name of SilverRedIndigo.Doreen Ellen Bell-Dotan, Tzfat, Israel
29 July 2009 15:28

re: Doreen Ellen Bell-Dotan, Tzfat, Israel


I believe it would be unwise for us to too widely expand our horizons.I believe we may find it hard, if not impossible, to give reasoned support in areas where there may be conflicts in legal handling relative to the laws in these United Kingdoms and thus there would be a probability of making mistakes in legal terms that could cost you dear!

Similarly I do not feel it appropriate for this site to seek to solve problems bound under different legal systems or superstitions.

Further this grouping will best serve its core aims for children and natural families with problems of removal of children by authorities, forced adoption and seeking redress and compensation where appropriate. Adoption under the terms of British legal structures can all too often be contra the interests of the child in the long term and there may be cause to consider campaigning for revocation of adoptions based upon false evidence or false witness.

Further there may well be possibilities of becoming embroilled in war zones and illegal occupations, as under UN Resolution 242, which would lead to detracting from the plight of children. I have no intention to become side tracked into racism, fascism or the evils of religions.

THEREFORE may I suggest that if there is a will to globalise the holding of your own blogs and cross referrencing between these blogs that you might consider following the details as for StolenKids- however select a clear variant but similar whatever your Country may be - Thus if you happen to be in Palestine title the blogs:
then set a new choice of Template and way to go and we can cross link where appropriate.

You may thus set up: StolenKidsPalestine-The Press to cover local meeeeeja!

All we have done is set a style structure with some ideas to create a SelfHelp grouping based on mutual gain.

Good luck.

Greg L-W.


  1. Hi,

    I have been through the secret family torture chamber courts as well, and have spoken about my experiences on my blog, Zoompads Blog.

    I went through the system twice - as a victim of Staffordshire Pindown, as a child, and again as a mother. The system stinks - it is corrupt as hell.

  2. Hi,
    May I suggest that you consider making a copy of your material on StolenKids-Bloggers - just follow the instructions.

    This may give your story greater traction and provide help for others.

    Greg L-W.


    you will find plenty of stories on here, many have been gagged

  4. Hope : How about rebranding as a mirror site by creating StolenKids-NameThem

    Co-operation creates greater strength to the argument and the more aspects of StolenKids-???? that come together as a self help structure, the more we can achieve in mending a broken system.

    By all means contact me to take the idea forward.

    Greg L-W.

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