Friday 12 June 2015

StolenKids - MARIE - GLASGOW


A new StolenKids blog has launched today in the sidebar.

Remember the aim of StolenKids is to give people an empowerment working with others.

This young lady tels me she was sexually abused at the age of 12 and has effected her life and her relationships ever since.

She no longer talks with her parental family and it has led to problems in her divorce.

So far her blog, like the rest of her life is a big blank page ;-)

Marie - Glasgow, who assures me is no relation of Marie - Biscuit ( a crumby joke!!) is using StolenKids to empower herself and take her life back under her control.

We know it will be cathartic as she pours out that bottled hurt for all too see in secure anonimity (as long as I know who the individual is anonimity is OK - I also need the phone number, eMail and password which I will pass to no one).

Besides the cathartic aspect of pouring it out is also the fact that you know it helps others who have had the same experiences and need to know they are not alone.

Once you have reached a stage you are happy with you may wish to tell your family to read the site to explain why you do about them, perhaps you would want to show your husband, wife or partner to help them to help you make the relationship better and stronger.

Also it may help your kids to understand - or even as empowerment let your abuser know!

The more details, the more corroboration, the more evidence the more plausible it becomes.

You may when it is completed wish to notify the police, Social Serrvices or the media who you are and really reclaim your life by getting revenge - motivation is YOUR choice.

You would be astonished howmany people you can help, besides yourself with a StolenKids blog.

Good luck.

01291 - 62 65 62

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